Juan Lopez Selección No. 2

Juan Lopez Selección No. 2
Popular Vitola: Robusto
Factory Vitola: Robustos
Ring Gauge: 50
Cigar Length: 124 mm / 4,8 inches
Body: Medium

About this Cigar: A wondeful robusto the seleccion No.2 is a hidden gem amongst the lopez family. The No.2 is suitable for the beginner because it is pleasant in aroma, not too strong and hasn't got a meaty aftertaste. Yet the intermidiate and seasoned smokers will be draw to this cigar because of its subtle complexities in taste and aroma. Leather, vanilla, caramel and black pepper cohearse in a generous and smooth smoke. The beautiful wrappers of colorado-maduro enclose a skeleton bunch of such fine construction that the draw and burn of the No.2 have nothing to eny of any Cohiba. we advises anyone who wants to offer a novice their introduction to the habana cigar to seriously contemplate the Seleccion No.2.

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